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                                                           What We Do
        Dental Handpiece Repair

When you need Handpiece Repair, whether it be highspeed, slow speed, air motor, surgical drill repair, or our Instrument sharpening and re-tipping services, we are here to help.

We offer quality dental handpiece repair at a fair price.

Check out The  Dental Handpiece Post  for more information on our services.

All high speed repairs are  just $150.00 for a new turbine with Ceramic Myonic bearings.

Mail order only

   Dental Instrument Re-tipping

When it comes to our Dental Instrument 
Re-tippingwe only use the highest quality 440A stainless surgical steel tips.

Using parts made in the USA
guarantee that you receive the highest quality instrument re-tipping at the lowest possible cost. 

There are some dental instruments that cannot be 
re-tipped. Some of these include plastic handles, cracked handles, and non standard instruments

                         Hygienist Instrument Re-tipping at
                              just 7.00 per double ended unit


Dental Instrument Re-tipping
Instrument Re-tipping Process

             Dental Instrument Sharpening

When you need Dental Instrument Sharpening you cannot get a better job anywhere.

Our equipment is state of the art and our sharpeners are experts.

With our sharpening service we offer a  48 to 72 hour turn time. 

             We can also sharpen your medical scissors.


           Our sharpening prices start at just 1.25 per end

                     For Hygienist Instrument Sharpening
Dental Instrument Sharpening
Dental Instrument Sharpening